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"The KAI course gave me all I wanted and much more... what a tremendous program"
Dr Bob Justis, Director, Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute, Louisiana State University

This is the official web site for KAI - the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory. KAI is one of the world's foremost measures for problem-solving, teamwork and creativity.

KAI measures style of problem solving and creativity. KAI is used:

  • in the training of managers and key teams as part of the management of change
  • in group training and individual development as part of the management of diversity
  • for the enhancement of group cohesion and effectiveness
  • for leadership techniques, and
  • for problem-solving team building.

KAI Practitioners are typically HR managers, company directors, business consultants & trainers. KAI is also widely used by academics in the fields of business, psychology, sociology and education. KAI can only be used by Certificated Practitioners - see the About KAI tab for more information about Certification Courses.