Life Styles Inventory

– Arthur Tullett

Editorial Note: Dr Tullett died tragically early, in 1999. He had just collected this data and prepared it in a table for publication. As he faltered, he sent it to us for our records, instead. The table has been found in a check on records and we now publish it.

The respondents were all managers of an international courier company. They occupied different jobs at different levels; all UK based.

N = 62


    Name of Dimension


Significantly Correlated with KAI       Not Significantly Correlated
Approval -.40 (.001) Humanistic .06
Conservative -.49 (.000) Affiliation -.03
Dependant -.48 (.000) Oppositional -.16
Avoidance -.38 (.002) Power -.03
Achievement .27 (.03) Competitive .18        (.15)
Self-Actualisation .28 (.03) Perfectionist .13        (.31)


The two scales at the end of each column are of borderline significance.

This was all the information available.