A-I and Hermann Personality Inventory

– by Robert Alan Black

Using a sample of 106 managers, I obtained a correlation between KAI and Hermann Personality Inventory (Right –Left Hemisphere Preference).

Upper Right scorers were the most innovative (0.51) and the Lower Left scorers the most adaptive (-0.40); the other quadrants were insignificantly correlated.

Hermann descriptive terms for these quadrants are:

Upper Right: Creative, Synthesiser, Artistic, Holistic, Conceptualizer

Lower Left: Controlled, Conservative, Planner, Organisation, Administrator.

Reported at Workshop – June 1984

Editor’s Note: This unpublished data will be listed in Table 41 in reprinted manual 2004

Note the critical differences with A-I and its terminology; for instance, in A-I all people are creative, could be artistic and manage concepts. They do so differently. These differences may account for the limited overlap of not more than 25% between these inventories. It is of great importance that no bias is permitted to cloud feedback and interpretations – every individual has enough problems with real differences between what is available and what is wanted without adding to these problems unnecessarily.