About KAI Master Classes

The KAI Elite – our Master Practitioners

Master Practitioners are our elite practitioners. They are experienced, knowledgeable and skilful in their use of the KAI instrument and its underlying theory. To become a Master Practitioner you need to attend a Master Class, which dives deep into advance practice, current research and tackling current issues.

Becoming a Master Practitioner – by invitation only

Attendance of the Master Class is by invite from The KAI Foundation. We will contact you when you become eligible to attend and give you the option of becoming part of our elite team of practitioners.

What’s included on the Master Class?

The Master Class itself is an exciting, practical 2-day workshop, where Practitioners share their experiences and our experienced KAI tutors go into more depth on:

  • Interesting uses of the instrument
  • New KAI products/services
  • The latest research
  • Advanced applications
  • Interpreting (and leveraging the benefits of) the three part-scores
  • Reducing and interpreting unreliable scores
  • Use of KAI Team & Pair Inventories (not covered at Certification)
  • Enhancing your presentation and demonstration of KAI

It is a great opportunity to meet other high-level, experienced and skilled KAI Practitioners from around the world and from different sectors. It will focus on everyday workplace situations.

Each Master Class is tailored – none is the same as another

Each Master Class is tailored to meet the requirements of the practitioners attending – it is not static (which is why some practitioners elect to attend more than one!) It includes the latest thinking on such topics as leadership through team building, mental wellbeing and reduction of stress, the management of transformational change within organisations, and working with cognitive diversity for maximum gain.

The Master Class is online and is a two-day event, leading to your registration as a Master KAI Practitioner. On successful completion, you will receive a certificate.

What’s in it for me?

  • Become a recognised Master Practitioner
  • New ideas to deepen your practice
  • Increase how you can help your clients, colleagues or patients
  • Master Practitioners have a higher KAI profile (on this website, at events etc.)
  • No further maintenance of your certification required

Conditions of Sale amendment for Master Practitioners:

Further maintenance of your KAI certification will not be required – although we will encourage you to continue to be an active part of the KAI community, get involved (and present, if you can) with the annual Symposium, our webinars and networking events (all other clauses of the Conditions of Sale remain unaltered).


Individuals who participate in The KAI Master Class, in its entirety, will be awarded 1.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from Virginia Tech.
A CEU generally does not apply as college credit, but may be used for a professional certification or licensure. CEUs offered by Virginia Tech are in compliance with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.