Aligning delivery mechanisms with the senior team’s cognitive style

A KAI consultant was brought in by a large pharmaceutical manufacturer with over $1 billion annual turnover. The business wanted to create cohesion between the senior team’s innovative ideas and the adaptive delivery mechanisms of their manufacturing sites.

The business’s disparity in cognitive approach was creating tension in the workforce. This tension was exacerbated by the fact that employees could no longer meet face-to-face, due to the Covid19 crisis.

Understanding the senior team’s cognitive style

The consultant instructed the business’s senior team to take the KAI, to better understand their cognitive style.

After doing so, the findings revealed that:

  • The senior team were innovative
  • The manufacturing operations were adaptive
  • The manufacturer’s decision makers were adaptive

Whilst the senior team had a KAI mean of 126, their manufacturing operations around the world had a KAI mean of 88–90.

It became clear that the innovation ideas of the top team were outrunning the more adaptive delivery mechanisms of the manufacturing sites.

Recognising the need for a new approach

The consultant helped the company to recognise that the senior team needed to switch their behaviours, rather than the site manufacturers.

As a result, the business spent more time thinking about how more adaptive decision makers think. This facilitated:

  • Better communication
  • Better decision making
  • Better understanding of differences

The senior team’s communication style and decision-making processes were therefore shifted, to enable better collaboration with the manufacturing decision makers.

As a result, the company’s processes became slightly more adaptive than their preferred innovative style. This helped the business to align delivery mechanisms with the senior team’s cognitive style.

The company was delighted with the insight provided by the KAI consultant.

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