Course Content

Day 1: Introduction to A-I Theory
All people problem solve and are creative;
we differ in style and level – A-I is about style

Day 2: The Theory
Overview of A-I Theory
Linking Creativity, Problem Solving & Decision Making
Distinguishing problem solving Process and Technique
Style as a Variable in Cognitive Function

Day 3: KAI, Construction & Practice
Case Study of the Problem Solving Process
Construction & Reliability of KAI
Administration, scoring & feedback
Practical experience, advice & exercise

Day 4: KAI, Individual & Group
Level, Style & Personality
Early Onset, Stability
KAI & Differences between groups (e.g. gender, work type)

Day 5: Managing Change & Diversity
The Spiral of Change versus the Pendulum of Change
Management of Diversity
Team Building: successful teams spend more effort on their common problem than managing each other
Cognitive Gap; Bridging; Coping (Stress)
Case studies