GDPR and data protection notice

We take privacy and data collection very seriously. We understand that psychometric data is very personal and important.

We do not collect any details or information about you. The only information we request from you is your email address, which we will only use to send your KAI scores and feedback to you.

We do not keep a record of any email contents. A copy of your email address is stored only in our email logs, as proof that an email has been sent to you. Email logs are cleared after 3 months.

We will not use your email address for any other purpose, or supply it to third parties.

If you prefer not to supply your email address, you CAN complete Online KAI without supplying it, in which case your KAI Practitioner will contact you manually with your scores, which may take some extra time.

Scores are stored on a secure keyfile-access only AWS server. You can request removal of your scores directly from your KAI Practitioner, who can delete them permanently from our database.