Developing the next generation of management:

How KAI can help

A senior KAI consultant was brought in by a large steel manufacturer, with over $1 billion annual turnover.

The company’s senior team wanted to:

  • Develop the next generation of management
  • Kick-start growth within the business
  • Strengthen communication with the next generation of management

The senior consultant administered the KAI to help bring about these desired results.

Categorising the senior team’s cognitive style

The consultant instructed the business’s senior team to take the KAI, because the top management were acting as mentors for the next generation.

After doing so, the findings revealed that:

  • The senior team were adaptive
  • The CEO had a KAI score of 75 (highly adaptive)
  • The personnel they were struggling with were innovative

For the senior team to effectively develop the next generation of management, a new growth strategy was required. This would help to bridge the problem-solving style gap between the two sets of personnel.

Adopting a new growth strategy

The senior team’s adaptive cognitive climate meant that the company’s core growth strategy was growth through acquisition.

However, having run out of new acquisitions, the business needed to start growing innovatively rather than adaptively.

By completing the KAI and having its results explained by the consultant, the business’s senior team was able to:

  • Understand why a new growth strategy was required
  • Consider a new growth strategy
  • Bring in processes that would allow experimentation

The business started to consider adopting moderately innovative processes for organic growth. This shifted the company’s acceptable ‘cognitive climate’ just beyond being more adaptive.

So, in a very structured way, the organisation looked to probe new areas for new growth ideas.

Improving self-understanding within the business

After working with the KAI consultant, the business’s senior team was able to:

  • Understand the cognitive climate within the company
  • Kick-start growth through a new strategy
  • Bridge gaps with innovative company staff
  • Develop the next generation of management

The company already had their own supplier of strategy generation processes that they took these findings forward to.

The business was delighted with the insight provided by the KAI consultant.

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