Accreditation Course Entry Requirements

This course is designed for high-level practitioners:

All delegates must have a degree, e.g., BA; B.Sc. Having knowledge & experience in the administration and interpretation of psychometric measures is very helpful.
The course is based more on knowledge than on skills, and a large percentage of the material is at post-graduate degree level. It is mainly delivered as lectures, but there are also practical periods, discussions with exercises and Q&A sessions.

Please note: To be accredited, participants must attend the entire course and must pass the end of course exam. There will be additional individual work on days 2, 3 and 4 which must be completed and will be assessed. There is a little pre-course reading which includes the book ‘Adaption-Innovation in the Context of Diversity & Change’ – of which chapters 1, 2 & 3 are critical.

Maintenance of Certification

To maintain your qualification you will need to remain up to date and ensure the accuracy (and adherence to the theory and guidelines) of your KAI communications, presentations and feedback. This ensures that everyone in the KAI community is working to the same standards – all Accredited KAI Practitioners are standard bearers of KAI. There are several ways to maintain your accreditation – for more information click here.

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Please note: we reserve the right to change dates and venues without notice if unforeseen circumstances dictate. In the event of cancellation, e.g. due to lack of enrolments, all deposits and fees will be refunded. Limited individual enrolments are available. Dates are reserved for group/team registrations.