KAI and Self-Discovery: A Business Consultant’s Experiences

Helping clients to develop their business

While working in the training department of a large, global company, a worker became a KAI practitioner. After leaving the company and starting her own consulting business, she found she was most often contacted to help in the following areas:

  • Assisting with organizational development & individual development
  • Facilitating staff self-discovery & improvement
  • Teaching an individual/manager how to gain traction with their team
  • Educating people about their untapped strengths and coping mechanisms
  • Helping clients succeed in business

Feedback tailored to each client’s needs

This KAI practitioner says that the KAI tool is one of her favorite means of supporting clients.

When helping clients by using KAI, she instructs them to:

  • Complete the KAI inventory
  • Determine where they fit on the KAI continuum
  • Watch a self-paced course about the KAI

After this, the following steps occur:

  • All results are sent to the consultant first
  • Findings are thoroughly reviewed by the consultant
  • Individualized feedback is designed for the client
  • The consultant and client have a conversation

This conversation focuses on the class and the client’s perceptions, starting with a simple question: “After watching the class, do you think you fall more adaptive or more innovative?” Ultimately, the results are not just an explanation to the client; they are a conversation about how KAI can benefit their work as an individual or as part of a team.

Offering a cost-effective solution to successful recruitment

When asked about why she continues to use KAI, this consultant noted that the instrument:

  • Provides key personnel insights for hundreds of clients
  • Allows her business to improve its recruitment process
  • Can be applied to individuals from all across the world
  • Is supported by decades of research
  • Offers a cost-effective solution to successful problem solving

Overall, this consultant’s personal use of KAI has allowed her business to flourish, providing insights for hundreds of clients.

While her original exposure to KAI was a requirement for a job, it is now a conscious choice in her job to provide clients with the best road to self-discovery.

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