KAI Symposium:
February 24th-25th 2021

The KAI Distribution Centre and the Center for Cooperative Problem Solving at Virginia Tech are sponsoring a KAI Symposium on February 24th 5:30 PM to 9:30 PM and February 25th 2:30 PM to 8:30 PM (GMT), registration available online here.

KAI practitioners are invited to submit abstracts for presentations that will be given during the symposium. Abstracts will be reviewed and accepted based on adherence to KAI and Adaption Innovation Theory, as well as highlighting advanced usage and application. For an abstract to be accepted, one author must be an experienced KAI practitioner. The KAI Symposium will be open to the public.

Proposed topics for abstracts may be based in the examination of research, practice, or theory. Context of proposed topics may include, but not be limited to: creativity, remote work, health and health care, systems thinking, science of teams, military applications, leadership and management of change, recruitment and diversity, culture, process and technique, and product/service development.

Selected abstracts will be presented during the Symposium in a pre-recorded video for advance viewing of registered Symposium participants. Time scheduled during the Symposium will focus on shared dialogue regarding the salient points being made by the author(s).

Individuals who fully participate in the KAI Symposium, in its entirety, will be awarded 1 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) from Virginia Tech. A CEU generally does not apply as college credit, but may be used for a professional certification or licensure. CEUs offered by Virginia Tech are in compliance with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training.

Formatting the Abstract

1 – Author(s) shall submit an abstract rather than a full paper

2 – Conceptual or idea-based abstracts should include the following headings: 1) Introduction, 2) How it works, 3)Results/implications to date, 4) Future plans/advice to others, 5) References

3 – Research based abstracts should include the following headings: 1)Introduction, 2) Connection to Adaption-Innovation Theory, 3) Methods/Data Analysis, 4) Findings and Conclusions, 5) References

4 – The abstract is to meet these general guidelines:

  • Three, single spaced pages, inclusive of tables and figures
  • References not included in the page count
  • Please follow APA Publications Manual 7th Edition for style and formatting except as noted below
  • Abstracts will be published as Symposium Proceedings upon approval of the author(s)

5 – The abstract shall meet these specific guidelines:

  • Prepare manuscript as a MS Word document
  • Use Times Roman or Times New Roman 12-pt font; and set all margins at one inch
  • Do not put your name or other identifying information on/in manuscript.
  • Single-space manuscript; but double-space between paragraphs, heading and text, table and text, etc.
  • Center the bolded title of submission at the top of the first page; capitalize only first letters of words in the title
  • Use “Table” function command to prepare tables rather than tabs and spaces
  • Place Tables/Figures within the body of the paper “shortly” after their first mention in text

Review and Selection Process

1 – Abstracts will be reviewed by a committee of KAI practitioners selected by CCPS at VT

2 – Reviewers will come to consensus regarding the following decision choices for each abstract: (1. accepted, 2. alternatively accepted, 3. not accepted)

3 – Abstracts will be submitted online via Qualtrics by clicking here

4 – Abstracts are due no later than January 4th, 2021, at 11:59pm (Authors local time)

5 – Notification of selected abstracts will be made before January 8th

Contact for Questions

Center for Cooperative Problem Solving, at Virginia Tech, at Virginia Tech, ccps@vt.edu or (540) 231-4469