Sample Agenda for KAI Master Class

Session 1: Style, Personality & Uses
The problem-solving schema (the interrelationship of cognitive effect, resource, affect, behaviour, environment and outcome)
Style, level, process and technique
Style & personality
Stability of style preference & the flexibility of behaviour

Session 2: Managing Change & Diversity
The Spiral of Change versus the Pendulum of Change
Management of Diversity (welcoming differences, not just tolerating them)
Team Building: successful teams spend more effort on their common problem than managing each other
Cognitive Gap; Bridging; Coping (Stress)

Session 3: Delegate Objectives and Uses
Delegate presentations and discussions

Session 4: In-depth Administration & Interpretation of KAI
Using the sub-traits
Unreliable scores and vulnerable respondents
Maximizing the use of the feedback booklet

Session 5: KAI Team & Pair
KAI Team & Pair

Session 6: Delegate Focus Session
Presentation and Demonstration of KAI – your presentation materials and techniques
Useful Case Studies, Exercises and Examples