A successful KAI Symposium!

We held the first KAI Symposium and want to thank all of our speakers and attendees for contributing to it’s success.

If you missed the Symposium, or attended and would like to join other similar events, check out our upcoming events.

Keynote Speakers

Our Keynote Speaker on Day 1:

Dr Kanes Rajah, Professor and Executive Director at the Centre for Executive & Professional Development

"Leading towards A New Abnormal from Lessons Learned."

Dr Kanes Rajah is an international consultant and advises governments, international corporates, and business start-ups.

Our Keynote Speaker on Day 2:

Seth Derner, cofounder of Vivayic

For many companies, staff working remotely is a forced necessity rather than a choice. However, Vivayic has always operated virtually, with a belief of hiring and retaining the best people regardless of their location.

Seth will be sharing his experience as an entrepreneur, his passion for helping people learn, and how to maintain team effectiveness in an online workplace.

Panel Discussion:

KAI in Practice: Reflective Insight and Experience

Megan Seibel

Iwan Jenkins

John Walker

Laura Moncrieffe

Robert Huddleston

Moderated by:
Megan Seibel - Virginia Tech more details
Dr. Megan Seibel is the inaugural director of the VALOR Program at Virginia Tech, which is dedicated to fostering leadership and capacity building for Virginia’s largest private industries. As an Extension Specialist, Dr. Seibel offers experiential program content around leadership best practice in education, workplace, and grassroots organizational settings and leads training content around facilitation and strategic planning. She promotes stakeholder development and advocacy as outcomes of decision making and problem solving leadership around complex issues.

Dr. Seibel is the Associate Director for the Center for Cooperative Problem Solving (CCPS) at Virginia Tech and an Associate Fellow of the Occupational Research Centre in the U.K. Dr. Seibel utilizes the KAI with coaching of educational supervisors, practitioners, community leaders, and student organizations to enhance effectiveness in program and service delivery.

Her background and expertise in healthcare, career and technical education, and outreach educational programming invigorate her passion for community development and considering complex issues that incorporate all three of these paradigms. A co-author on numerous publications related to leadership and community programs, Dr. Seibel uses scholarship as a way to bring ideas to life through practical application.

Megan has administered hundreds of KAI assessments with a variety of audiences, namely with applications for organizational leadership and understanding teams in strategic project planning. Regular conversations with the late Dr. Kirton served to reinforce aspects of the theory as she was established by him as a certification course instructor, and she had the privilege of helping inventory his personal works for transfer to the United States to be housed at Virginia Tech with the teaching team.

Contact info: mseibel@vt.edu

with panelists:
Robert Huddleston - Naval Postgraduate School more details
Bob retired as a U.S. Navy Captain with 28 years in uniform before establishing his own consultant practice in 2003, where he specialized in strategic planning and execution within both the public and private sectors. Since 2013, he has been assigned to the Navy’s Center for Executive Education where he runs the Navy’s premier leadership development program designed specifically for improving the executive skills of the Navy’s most senior-level officers and civilians. He also serves as an executive coach and facilitator for Navy Admirals and Marine Corps Generals seeking to improve their skills in managing complex Naval and Joint Service organizations, as well as improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their respective commands. He is certificated and well versed in a number of leader personality assessments to include the KAI, MBTI, EQI 2.0, FIRO-B and Hogan as well as various leader 360’s to include the LPI, LDI, Hogan and EQI 2.0.

KAI Experience: As an executive coach, I have administered hundreds of KAI assessments since 2015 and consider it the most useful tool available for helping senior leaders understand the vastly different approaches people often take in approaching creativity and problem solving. My clients benefit greatly from understanding the differences between their preferred KAI styles and those of their direct reports and teams, and how such differences or similarities can either help or hinder the decision-making process depending on the task and situation at hand.

Contact info: CAPT Robert Huddleston, USN (Ret.), rhuddles@nps.edu
Website: https://www.nps.edu/web/cee

Iwan Jenkins - The Riot Point more details
Dr Iwan Jenkins is also a KAI expert and describes himself as a practitioner of the practical. He understands cognitive theory and complex system science, but more importantly he also knows how to make that theory applicable in today’s business world. In his own words, he turns potential into profit.

Contact: iwanjenkins@theriotpoint.com

Laura Moncrieffe - Bamboo Worldwide more details
Laura has helped guide global marquee brands in their innovation and new product development initiatives for the past 29 years. Over her career as a successful innovation designer, facilitator and strategist, Laura has led diverse teams in generating winning concepts in over 14 countries. When not creating great ideas, Laura enjoys helping clients maximize and leverage their personal problem solving style as an advanced KAI practitioner.


John Walker – Roberts Wesleyan College more details
I currently serve as a professor of Applied Management and Decision Sciences at Roberts Wesleyan College. I have used Kirton Adaption Innovation Theory as a consultant, a marriage counselor, and developing master-level students. I have 25+ years of experience in using KAI inventory for team building and problem-solving.

Other Speakers

Anne E. Collier, CEO, Arudia

"From Red to Black: Achieving Financial Stability by Improving Culture"

Anne coaches and delivers programmes designed to helping individuals and teams achieve greater self-actualization, meaning that they are performing well because they are confident, revitalized, and resilient.

Nicola Kirton & Dr Priscilla Wolfe

Our personal tribute to the late Dr M J Kirton

Dr Kirton's daughter, Nicola, and longstanding colleague Priscilla Wolfe, share their memories of Dr Kirton, and insights into what motivated his work.

Shreya Mitra and James Anderson

"KAI and Graduate Education: An Exploration of International Graduate Students’ Mentoring Needs Based on Cognitive Style"

Shreya is a doctoral student at Virginia Tech with an interest in Participatory Community Development and focus on empowering women in agriculture. James’ research focuses on leadership for social justice, with attention to educational/training programs and/or interventions that build human capacity, especially among underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized groups.

Sam Crouse, Crouse Training & Consulting, Inc.

"Adaption-Innovation Theory Applied in a US Navy Security Training Setting"

Sam Crouse, a retired USAF officer and airline pilot, earned a Ph.D. from the University of Texas at Dallas and served the USN in the operations security field. He consults while cruising America’s Great Loop.

Guido Prato Previde, Decathlon Consulting, and Michael J. Kirton (posthumously)

"Italian Adaptors and Innovators and Entrepreneurship: A First Study"

Guido Prato Previde, as a business psychologist, supports leaders and teams to improve performance and leadership. He has been collaborating with Prof. M.J. Kirton since the 80’s, and formerly carried out the Italian validation of the KAI.

Dr Iwan Jenkins

"How to win friends and influence people—and get promoted at the same time: A business-oriented, practical application of the KAI theory during a pandemic."

Dr Iwan Jenkins has used the KAI theory and inventory to link business strategy (Problem A) with leadership (Problem B) in at least 40 countries over the past 25 years.

Nigel Barlow

"KAI Applied - How Executive Teams Can Put the Learning to Use Immediately."

Nigel is an Agent Provocateur, Author, Creative Coach, and Keynote Speaker on Innovative Change to many of the world’s leading organizations. He was a founding director of the Tom Peters company in Europe, and currently runs his own company.

Robert E. Samuel and Anthony J. Cevoli

"Economy of Diversity Management of a Restructured Corporate R&D Team Case Study"

Rob is a practitioner, researcher, and instructor of KAI theory specializing in problem-solving leadership and creativity in corporations. Tony is a KAI practitioner and doctoral candidate interested in motivation and team dynamics.

Mike Foster, Environmental Business Specialists

"From Red to Black Revisited: Improving Profitability by Improving Company Culture"

Mike is the owner of Environment Business Specialists, LLC, a consulting firm providing unique solutions to a variety of operational and training challenges facing industrial wastewater professionals.

Eric Kaufman KAI

Eric Kaufman, Virginia Tech

"KAI Theory as a Möbius Strip: A Twist in Thinking about Problem Solving"

Eric is a dedicated leadership educator and scholar and is a faculty member at Virginia Tech, focusing his work on collegiate leadership education and leadership development with adults in community and volunteer settings.

Daniel Henderson, Nil Ergin, Neeraj Sonalkar, & Kathryn Jablokow, Pennsylvania State University

"Cognitive Style Characteristics and Team Interactions: Selected Research Findings"
At the Penn State Do-iT Lab, we apply our systems view of design to develop ingenious technologies, help teams improve their performance, inspire educators to enhance their teaching, and explore the boundaries of what is possible through design. Kathryn Jablokow (Professor of Engineering Design & Mechanical Engineering), Nil Ergin (Associate Professor of Systems Engineering), and Daniel Henderson (Research Associate) are all from Penn State University. Neeraj Sonalkar is a Senior Researcher Engineer at Stanford University.

Nicola Kirton, Dr Curt Friedel & Dr Megan Seibel

KAI in 2021 and Beyond

Nicola, Curt & Megan will outline their plans for developing KAI over the next few years, with some exciting new developments coming soon.

Dr. Chantel Simpson, North Carolina A&T State University, and Dr. James Anderson, University of Georgia

"The Evolution of the Cognitive Socio-Behavioral Perspective: Insights from the Integration of Kirton’s Cognitive Function Schema and The Organismic Socio-Behavioral Perspective"

Chantel's research focuses the psycho-social impacts of diversity on retention in STEM, problem-solving and student leadership development. James’ research focuses on leadership for social justice, with attention to educational/training programs and/or interventions that build human capacity, especially among underrepresented, underserved, and marginalized groups.

Laura McIntyre

"Preferred Problem-solving Styles and Relationship with Leaders’ Resiliency."

Laura McIntyre is an Assistant Professor at the University of Charleston, WV teaching in the Organizational Leadership Program. Laura is a certified KAI practitioner and research scholar. She holds degrees in Psychology, Human Resource Management with concentration in Change, Human Behavior, and Executive Leadership. She is a retired Navy Master Chief with over 40 years of experience working with the Navy and Navy Special Operations Community. Her interests include researching how individual’s, both military and civilian, problem solve, cope with stress, and increase resiliency.