Next KAI Course Dates

KAI Certification Courses:

November 15 – 18 2021

KAI Advanced Workshops:

November 19 – 20 2021

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Note: To be certificated, participants must attend the entire course – not a minute can be missed – and must pass the end of course exam. There will be additional individual work on days 2, 3 and 4 which must be completed and will be assessed. The pre-course reading includes the book ‘Adaption-Innovation in the Context of Diversity & Change’ – of which chapters 1, 2 & 3 are critical.

Course times: Sunday 3pm to Thursday 5pm (Sept/Oct: Eastern Daylight Time; Dec: Eastern Standard Time). No time may be missed. Because of the packed nature of the course and the evening assignments, please bear in mind that it is not possible to run any portion of your business during the course time or evenings.

To maintain your qualification you will need to attend an Advanced Workshop every four years, and have administered at least 100 KAIs over each four year period (otherwise full re-certification is required). This applies to KAI practitioners who certificated 1996 or later.

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*Please note: we reserve the right to change dates and venues without notice if unforeseen circumstances dictate. In the event of cancellation, e.g. due to lack of enrolments, all deposits and fees will be refunded. Limited individual enrollments are available. Dates are reserved for group/team registrations.