Webinar – KAI part-scores: interpretations, use and leveraging variations

KAI part-scores: interpretations, use and leveraging variations

About this Event

KAI part-scores (sub-scores) are extremely useful, but sometimes fall into the ‘too difficult to explain or use’ category for many KAI practitioners.

In this webinar, Dr Megan Seibel (KAI course tutor) will arm you with all the information (and confidence) you need to deliver good feedback to respondents on their part-scores, and any variation which is observed.

Additionally, there will be time to meet co-professionals and share ideas, war-stories and techniques that have worked for you.

The webinar will be interactive and there will be plenty of time to ask questions and discuss examples.

The webinar is designed for certified or advanced KAI practitioners.

Who: Everyone welcome

When: Sept 22, 2021, at 10:00 AM, EDT; or 15:00 BST

How much: Early bird discount: £55 (before Sept 15th)
Regular price: £70


Registration closes on Monday 20th Sept

Megan will cover:

  • Overview of part-scores as components of the total score
  • When a variation should be interpreted
  • What this might mean at an individual level
  • How to leverage part-score differences when working with client teams

Dr Megan Seibel is the Associate Director for the Center for Cooperative Problem Solving (CCPS) at Virginia Tech and an Associate Fellow of the Occupational Research Centre in the UK.

Megan has administered hundreds of KAI assessments with a variety of audiences, namely with applications for organizational leadership and understanding teams in strategic project planning. Regular conversations with the late Dr Michael J Kirton served to reinforce aspects of the theory as she was established by him as a certification course instructor, and she had the privilege of helping inventory his personal works for transfer to the United States to be housed at Virginia Tech with the teaching team.

She utilizes the KAI with coaching of educational supervisors, practitioners, community leaders, and student organizations to enhance effectiveness in program and service delivery.

Additionally, Megan is the inaugural director of the VALOR Program at Virginia Tech, which is dedicated to fostering leadership and capacity building for Virginia’s largest private industries.