Kirton’s Adaption-Innovation (KAI)

About this Event

This is an opportunity to get an overview of KAI, its genesis, uses and genuine insights from Nicola Kirton Ryall, daughter of the late Dr Michael Kirton.

Nicola will be interviewed by Dave Harries, professional broadcaster and presenter, formally at the BBC.

So, why don’t you join us to find out more about this innate part of your personality, which affects every aspect of your life. Your preference for how you go about doing things, how you solve problems and how you work affects how you interact and collaborate with others.

Come and hear how your personal thinking style can be best exploited and where the help of others, different from you, will assist you to be even more successful. This personal insight often helps with increasing an individual’s mental wellbeing.

Who: Everyone welcome

When: June 30, 2021, at 15:00PM – 16:30PM BST

How much: Early bird discount: £15 (before June 14th)
Regular price: £25


Registration closes on Wednesday 30th June

Nicola Kirton Ryall

Nicola Kirton Ryall is the daughter of the late Dr M J Kirton, originator of Adaption-Innovation Theory and its inventory. She is Managing Director of the KAI Foundation and Chair of the KAI Steering Committee which oversees quality of KAI development, training, research and standards. She works closely with the Center for Cooperative Problem Solving (based within Virginia Tech), which is the center of KAI training excellence, global research and usage.

Nicola is dedicating her energy to ensure that her father’s legacy lives on.

She was brought up ‘living and breathing’ KAI, and started in Dr Kirton’s office as an assistant at the age of 14 (during the holidays!). She has never stopped working and supporting KAI since that time.

She gained a maths degree from York University (UK), before entering the British Civil Service as a Scientific Officer, working in the Construction Economics Department (which looked at relationship of the state of the housing stock and its inhabitants and their behaviour). From there, she went in Marketing, working for both American Express and Coca-Cola, before setting up her own marketing agency in 1992. She has six children, a love of music and dance, and is a qualified yoga teacher.

Dave will interview Nicola on the following topics:

  • Your preference at home, at work or at play
  • Innovation or Adaption – which is best?
  • Behaviour, preference and stress
  • How to utilise your natural preferences for optimum success and wellbeing
  • How to interact with others, different from yourself, for optimal outcomes
  • Attitude and use of structure – enabling or disabling

Dave comes from a background in the broadcasting and recording sector, having started as a Studio Manager for the BBC in 1985. During his career, he has moved from the technical to the production and presentation area of broadcast radio and TV.

Dave currently runs his own business Dave Harries Communications, which specialises in the production of effective and compelling digital communications through the medium of podcast and video. They provide expert professional consultancy and production services to our clients.