What Certificated Practitioners say about KAI:

“Beyond a certain point in life we tend to assume that our learning will be more “incremental”. I must admit that what I have learned in the KAI training almost three years ago has fundamentally changed the way I work with people and think about the “creation of novelty”. The insight we can gain from this theory and its application is encouraging and challenging. My main take-away is that the true appreciation of people’s diversity is crucial for companies and individuals alike. Elsewhere such terms may be buzzwords but in the context of KAI they have a well-defined meaning we can build upon.”
Dr. Michael Ohler, Principal, Breakthrough Management Group International

“We had an awesome time at Penn State and were blown away by the professionalism and talent of our instructors and the other attendees. Thank you for allowing us to be part of the great program.”
Carol Carter, Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute, Louisiana State University

I had a tremendous time. The course gave me all I wanted and much more. It was an honor to meet Dr. Kirton, Alice and the other participants. I am looking forward to working with everyone. What a tremendous program. Thank you for your help and support.
Dr Bob Justis, Director, Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute, Louisiana State University

“Our firm works with some of the largest B2B producers in the world and we are constantly finding KAI theory to be of immense value. I have found this to be one of those happy—if rare—occurrences in which superbly-grounded theory meets practical application… and makes a significant contribution to the latter. The product development teams we train and coach are able to substantially improve their dealings with both team-mates and customers as a result of KAI theory.”
Dan Adams, President, Advanced Industrial Marketing, Inc.

“[KAI is] An essential tool for Executive Team decision making”,
Ian Bell, HR Director, ICI.

“We have found Dr. Kirton’s KAI theory to be powerful, simple and eloquent tool. We use it in a broad range of applications from individual career coaching to team building to creative problem solving to organisation structure designing…. Bottom line: applying the KAI theory and assessment tool is paying off in improved productivity for P & G”
Lynn Lee, R&D, Procter & Gamble

“When you’re in the business of organisational transformation, the ability to cultivate creative thinking and approaches to change are essential…..The KAI, a facile instrument that helps change agents assess their approaches towards truly transforming organisations, should be a part of every change agent’s tool kit”
Dr Celeste Coruzzi, Director, PriceWaterhouseCoopers

“Be willing to be dazzled by A-I theory as it gets you to the roots of how styles of problem-solving, decision-making and creativity can be different. It opens up wide ranging implications for workplace productivity. The course serves the best interests of those who realise that it takes hard work to achieve discriminating insights into the human faculty of cognition.”
Dr Meena S. Wilson, Center Associate, Center for Creative Leadership

“It has helped our managers to work together, understanding each others thinking style preferences, which has resulted in a very successful team”
Helen Sweeney, HR Director, Barclays Bank

“KAI is well received by my clients, who I advise on change management, team building, problem solving and decision making processes. It is an amazing tool which helps to facilitate self-exploration and relationship building”
Christine Choy, Senior Consultant, Hong Kong Productivity Council

“Dr. Kirton is one of the finest teachers I have ever had… I have found his A-I Theory to be extremely valuable as a method for gaining insight into the productive use of teams. The Theory also has numerous practical implications that are useful to business leaders and academicians alike”
Dr Stewart Tubbs, Dean, College of Business, Eastern Michigan University

“Working with the KAI has added to my value as a coach and an OD professional. I use the KAI to provide a picture of an individual’s value to an organization. My coaching focuses on how best to use a person’s talents to achieve the strategic priorities of the organization. The KAI has influenced executives to spend ample time assigning projects/positions to those whose strengths will be an asset in achieving the stated objectives. The KAI has prompted some executives to admit to themselves that they were “coping” in positions that were “uncomfortable” from the start because the positions did not allow them to work at tasks where they could shine…in fact, work at tasks that they did not loathe!”
Mrs Bernadette Snider, President, The Leadership Choice Group Inc.

“I believe that Dr. Kirton has developed a wonderful tool which we have found to be very useful versus any I’ve seen out there. It’s easy for the client to grasp and apply and it is the least threatening of any I’ve seen used”
Dr Bill Keeter, Creative Advantage Alliance.

“Problem solving is what humans do every day. Finding effective solutions can often make the difference between success and failure, sometimes even life and death. Whether you work as a marriage counsellor or oversee an international corporation, understanding the human dynamics of effective problem solving is critical. Learning how people problem-solve, and how to manage the diversity of groups, can lead to more successful decision making. No matter what discipline or career area you work in, you will find the information learned in this intense certification course of great value.”
Dr Cheri Brodeur, University of Florida

‘Although the programme was very theoretical at times, I have rarely seen theories put across in such an entertaining and engaging manner. I left the programme with a strong under pinning knowledge of the KAI.’
Rob Hamblin, Managing Director, The Brackley Partnership Ltd