Why should I attend a KAI Advanced Workshop?

You may be sceptical about the value to you of coming on the KAI Advanced Workshop, after all, the certification course was extremely thorough!

It looks so simple to use – after all, only 32 items, and only four scores to interpret! However, you will know from personal experience that KAI is deceptive, and that the more you know of Adaption-Innovation the more it offers you and your clients.

Also, despite the long and in-depth Certification Course, there are some aspects of KAI which are not covered. These include the use of KAI Team & Pair, dealing with difficult client questions, and the various uses of KAI.

The Workshop features new case-studies, and the latest research findings and uses of KAI.

It is a great opportunity to meet other interested professionals, to discuss ideas and share experiences in an informal and thought-provoking environment.