Everyone’s heard of the phenomenon which is Amazon. More widely used now than ever before, especially after the 2020 lockdowns, where high streets had to close, and many of us turned to it to fulfil our shopping wants and needs.

It’s safe to say that Amazon is a global success story, and behind all successful businesses lies the founder, the creator, the one who made it happen. Jeff Bezos, who started a small online bookstore in 1994, grew the ambition to capitalise the growth and opportunity of Internet sales.

When we think of ‘successful entrepreneurs’ then we often think ‘innovation’. But Bezos proves this that innovation isn’t always the way to success; where he is concerned, the word ‘innovator’ does not fit at all… quite the opposite.

Observing his approach to building his successful enterprise shows us he worked on his adaptive concept, working by tweaking and constant improving, he reached the outstanding business he owns today. Rather than coming up with new additions that can’t always guarantee success, he instead utilised what he knew would be work. He took advantage of pre-existing, profitable ideas, and modified them to fit his business:

  • Low prices
  • Fast delivery
  • Vast selection

All of these aspects were in demand by the public, and with Bezos’s adaptive problem-solving style, he fine-tuned them to create the hugely successful business we all use to this day, Amazon.

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