Chevron is a multinational energy corporation dedicated to creating a lower-carbon future. Action needed to be taken to help Chevron achieve their eco-friendly goals:

  • Lowering carbon intensity
  • Increasing use of renewables
  • Investing in low-carbon technology

They needed to come up with new and effective ideas to be able to accomplish their targets – one way was to significantly lower the weight of the structure from one of their new projects. How did they do this? By creating a balanced team dynamic; a team with a mix of both more adaptive and more innovative individuals, who could work together efficiently to create the solutions to all their problems…

However, getting the more adaptive and more innovative to work together collaboratively can be a challenging leadership problem – Chevron came up with an interesting solution.

Senior Leadership Development Advisor at Chevron, Michael Chuchmuch, wrote about his experience and how he managed to use KAI to utilise the diversity of the team, and gain great success!

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